Thursday, 6 October 2016

Some Zygaenidae and Sesiidae seen in 2016

Just a short post showing some pics of day-active moths seen during trips this year


Rhagades pruni, male, Belgium
rather widespread on heathlands in the NE of Belgium, this picture however was made on a calcareous grassland in the very south of the country

Zygaena filipendulae, Belgium, the most common Zygaenid in Belgium

Zygaena transalpina, Belgium, notice the pale tips to the antennae
Rare species in Belgium, unclear to me if the few sightings are from migrants or if the species is just overlooked because of its resemblance with Z. filipendulae. The main character seems to be the pale tips to the antennae, although in some literature also the merging red spots on the underside frontwing is given as a character. However when looking at pictures of collected Zygaenids it seems to me like that character is variable in Z. filipendulae with some individuals showing merging red spots on the underside frontwing as well.

Zygaena fausta, Spain

Zygaena occitanica, Spain

Zygaena lavandulae, France

Zygaena sarpedon, France, unfortunately not easy to approach for some nice fieldpics

Zygaena loti, France


got some great help from Theo Garrevoet of the FES to find the species names of these ones

Pyropteron chrysidiformis, first one from Corsica, second one a darker individual from Vaucluse, France

Chamaesphecia aerifrons, Corsica

Pyropteron leucomelaena, Spain

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