Sunday, 6 September 2015

Central Spain july 2015

From the Pyrenees we drove south to central Spain. Unfortunately I had a little accident in the Pyrenees a few days earlier so I was kinda immobile. With a dislocated ankle I was bound to stay near the car for a few days... Luckily in the Albarracin region even close to the car you can see lots of nice butterflies and I was already in the region in august 2012 so I didn't miss too much.

my swollen right ankle 2 days after my fall in the Pyrenees...

First day in the Albarracin region we spent in Moscardon at a height of approximately 1400-1500m.

Pyrgus cirsii

Carcharodus baeticus

Coenonympha dorus

Coenonympha (glycerion) iphioides

Colias croceus, male & female

Polyommatus (coridon) caelestissimus

Polyommatus damon

Polyommatus damon & Polyommatus fabressei

male Polyommatus nivescens

male Polyommatus nivescens


  1. Lovely to see the butterflies of Central Spain. It is an area I have always wanted to visit. I hope your ankle gets better soon.