Thursday, 2 July 2015

Armenia part IV

Day 5:  Yeghegnadzor -> Meghri

Day 5 was spent mostly on travelling from Yeghegnadzor to Meghri. The distance is about 250km but it took me more or less a full day (2 hikes and 2 taxis) to get in Meghri. One of the only observations to remember is one Hipparchia parisatis just when I arrived to Meghri. Unfortunately it disappeared too quickly behind some trees to enjoy it much.
A roller in the village of Meghri and some laughing doves added with the hot temperatures created an eastern atmosphere. Near a ruin in the town centre I had another nice new dragonfly, Onychogomphus flexuosus

Day 6: Meghri

To the west of Meghri there is a road to an old airport and this road is where I spent my day.
A very nice but very hot area. Unfortunately not really being cared of by the locals. On the habitat picture you can see a big grey area low in the valley on the right side. This was a waste dump that was burning constantly. In probably one of the driest areas of Armenia one would presume that it would be logic to everyone that burning some waste is at least to be called irresponsible ... These slopes are the only location in Armenia where Polyommatus damonides lives and one of the very few locations in the world (only other known locations are in the nearby Naxcivan enclave of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately I didn't find the species, apparently the species was rather late this year with only a few males already flying around.

Coenonympha saadi

Satyrium hyrcanicum

Satyrium abdominalis

Pseudochazara cf. (mammura) sharudensis

Chamaesphecia elampiformis (det. Theo Garrevoet)

Provisional species list
Carcharodus alceae
Thymelicus sylvestris
Papilio machaon
Aporia crataegi
Pieris rapae
Pieris ergane
Pontia edusa
Colias croceus
Gonepteryx farinosa
Lycaena phlaeas
Satyrium spini
Satyrium abdominalis
Satyrium hyrcanicum
Aricia agestis
Polyommatus icarus (persicus)
Plebejus eurypilus
Tarucus balkanicus
Argynnis pandora
Vanessa cardui
Limenitis reducta
Lasiommata megera
Maniola jurtina
Melanargia larissa
Hipparchia pellucida
Brintesia circe
Chazara briseis
Chazara persephone
Coenonympha saadi
Pseudochazara (mamurra) sharudensis
Satyrus amasinus


  1. I think that Pseudochazara is telefassa

  2. Not sure yet, according to A. Danchenko (who I met by accident in Meghri) there was mainly P. (mamurra) sharudensis on the wing and thelephassa has the outer front wing margin concave. See
    But as these individuals I saw in Meghri were very different of the one I saw near Urtsadzor I am still in doubt on what I saw, they seem different of every taxon I find pictures of...
    I have seen a 100% certain male thelephassa near the village of Vahravar, where I have seen the pencil-like androconial stripe and the concave outer wing margin