Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Armenia part III

Day 4: Gnishik - Slopes N of the village
Gnishik is a very small village south of Yeghegnadzor. A first day real high in the mountains. Butterfly watching at 2200-2300m.

Habitat, high montane pastures with purple bushes of Onobrychis cornuta

Anthocharis damone, female

Callophrys paulae on Onobrychis cornuta, larval foodplant

Proterebia afra, a late individual, unfortunately wouldn't sit still (without help) for a picture...

On the way back down to Yeghegnadzor on approx 1400m i made small stop and had this Cordulegaster insignis

Provisional species list
Erynnis tages
Pyrgus sidae
Leptidea duponcheli
Anthocharis damone
Pieris ergane
Pontia edusa
Colias croceus
Colias alfacariensis
Colias aurorina
Cupido osiris
Pseudophilotes vicrama
Aricia agestis
Polyommatus icarus
Polyommatus bellargus
Callophrys paulae
Lycaena thersamon
Polyommatus coelestinus
Turanana endymion
Melitaea cinxia
Aglais urticae
Lasiommata megera
Coenonympha pamphilus
Coenonympha leander
Erebia medusa
Proterebia afra

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